Driving health outcomes and behavior change is more than the traditional wellness practiced by employers today. By aligning your organization and resources with the whole person and whole population in mind, everyone achieves more. At Selden Beattie, we believe in being Wholeness-mindedTM to drive change within your organization.

From Wellness to Population Health Management

It’s a misconception that wellness and employee-based programs are two-sided scenarios. They impact every person in the company, from executive leadership to entry-level hires. The understanding that “we’re all in this together” not only motivates and empowers your business to reach its goals, but also streamlines the costs and resources necessary to do so.


For Selden Beattie, that’s much more than simple “wellness,” but rather population health management and building a culture of health. It’s developing a plan to engage every individual in your workforce in all dimensions of their well-being, create active consumers of health care, and contribute to the bottom line.


So while we do create multi-dimensional programs, it is only one output of WholenessTM. We believe in establishing results-oriented programs based on our Success Benchmarks. Beginning with a full assessment of your population’s health – where you’re succeeding, where you need improvement, and what it’s going to take to generate real and lasting change. It involves data analytics and identifying the strategies that will facilitate buy-in that extends beyond the office into lifestyles that are truly Wholeness-mindedTM.

Development of Multi-Year Wellness Programs

    In-depth assessment and creation of a flexible, multi-year plan
    Customized strategies that reflect the diverse population in your organization
    Rooted in results-based benchmarks and outcomes
    Integrated Data Analytics providing insight to proactively address the health of the population and increase consumer driven behavior


Thought Leadership and Employee Engagement

    Accessible programming that encourages participation
    Multiple ongoing touch-points to ensure follow-through and continuation
    Redevelopment & evolution of programs to maintain relevancy as population needs change
    Incentives designed around maturity of program

Sucess Benchmarks

  Capturing executive support

  Collecting and analyzing data to proactively drive strategies

  Developing a short and long term strategic plan

  Creating wholeness-minded population health and wellness programs

  Choosing appropriate interventions

  Creating a supporting environment

  Carefully evaluating outcomes

If you have any questions, contact us

We can help you create environments where people thrive, productivity soars, and your business grows!

If you have any questions, contact us

We can help you create environments where people thrive, productivity soars, and your business grows!