March 2, 2016

Enrollment in vision plans remains high

Original post Employers hoping to attract and retain employees need not look further than their vision benefit offerings. New research shows vision benefits have high engagement […]
October 8, 2014

5 companies that dropped part-time employee health care

Just 25% of companies that offered employee health insurance made coverage available to part-time workers in 2013, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.
September 3, 2014

3 Takeaways From the Medicare Trustees Report

The annual report from the Social Security and Medicare trustees predicted that Medicare will be solvent until 2030, four years later than the trustees predicted last year.
August 20, 2014

Will employer-sponsored health insurance survive?

Will the link between employment and health insurance survive?
August 1, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions about Grandfathered Health Plans

Employers with grandfathered status need to decide if maintaining grandfathered status is their best option.
July 29, 2014

What Americans think about health insurance & hiring practices

Smokers and those who are significantly overweight should pay more for health insurance, Americans say.