April 7, 2014

Coverage For Same-Sex Spouses

HHS announces that insurers, but not employers, must offer the same health coverage to a spouse in a same-sex marriage as they offer to a spouse in a traditional marriage. Read more...
February 20, 2014

Fewer Americans getting health insurance through employers

Fewer people are getting their primary health insurance coverage through their employers, according to a Gallup Poll released Wednesday. Read full report here...
December 10, 2013

Private Exchange vs. Traditional Large Employer Coverage

Many large, traditionally-insured employers are watching companies like IBM, Walgreens, TimeWarner, Sears, Aramark, Ingram Micro and Trader Joes move to private exchanges. And like most employers, they are asking themselves these top questions.
November 5, 2013

Cost of benefits, ACA compliance main concerns of midsized businesses

Seventy percent of midsized businesses said their biggest challenge in 2013 is the cost of health coverage and benefits. Read more...
September 17, 2013


New research from the Urban Institute estimates that the number of self-employed Americans will be 1.5 million higher in 2014 because of PPACA.
April 16, 2013

Commitment to employer-sponsored health plans on the rise

IFEBP reports 69% of employers will definitely continue to offer employer-sponsored health care.