November 20, 2014

Independent Contractor vs Employee

Not correctly classifying an individual as an employee can lead to an employer being required to pay taxes, such as unemployment tax, that would have been required of the employer if the individual had been correctly classified. Read more here...
July 1, 2014

Does the employer mandate matter?

Some says that the elimination of the employer mandate would have little effect on employer-sponsored coverage. Others disagree.
May 16, 2014

Employer Mandate Repeal Won’t Relinquish Employers From ACA Compliance

The employer mandate keeps getting delayed and there’s been increasing talk in the industry about what would happen if it simply stayed delayed, forever.
March 31, 2014

HR leaders rate ACA concerns as a lower-tier issue

New research from a North American sample of HR leaders finds that the Affordable Care Act is not a primary concern among employers, even as the landmark health care law continues to worry the masses. Read full article here.
March 28, 2014

Preparing for PPACA – A Readiness Checklist

As we approach the month of April, employers should be taking steps to ensure they are prepared to meet PPACA requirements that begin in 2014. For your convenience, we have provided a checklist of upcoming requirements for employers.
March 3, 2014

Is PPACA a Threat to Employer-Sponsored Plans?

Is PPACA keeping you up at night? For 60 percent of Americans who have employer-sponsored health coverage, you may not be losing sleep but it is in the back of many minds.