January 26, 2015

Making your team members your ‘first customer’

People who feel valued and respected show a greater work ethic and initiative. In order for your team members to feel valued, they should be treated as the “first customers,” as they are the ones who have the power to make customers’ experiences extraordinary. Read more here...
September 5, 2014

Better understanding of benefits helps both employee and employer

Employees aren’t shouting from the roof over how great their employer-sponsored benefits are. In fact, satisfaction is sitting at some of the lowest levels since 2008, according to new data released from Unum.
June 20, 2014

Are There Any Loyal Employees Left

Find out why job hopping is the new normal and see how employers like you can find the right professionals before making the wrong decision. Read more...
June 6, 2014

Food: The quickest way to an employee’s heart?

A new survey by Seamless, an online platform for ordering takeout or delivered meals, looked at what employees are saying about food in the workplace. And although a grain or two of salt might be appropriate with this dish, the results are thought-provoking.
April 2, 2014

Employee well-being status more accurate measure of job productivity than incidence of chronic disease

Findings from a new study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine showed that the level of employees’ well-being is a more important contributor to on-the-job productivity than their chronic disease status.
March 18, 2014

Are employees more satisfied than ever with their benefits?

Despite some sense of grumbling out in the working world about the shape of benefits in the midst of further ACA rollouts, one new study suggests employee satisfaction regarding their benefits is at an all-time high.