August 25, 2016

Rising Health Care Costs: Driving Factor Causing Changes to Employer Health Plans, SHRM Survey Finds

Get the latest trends in healthcare benefits in the survey conducted by SHRM. Original Post from on July 13, 2016 Rising health care costs remain […]
September 19, 2014

8 tips to share with employees to ensure a successful open enrollment

As open enrollment season approaches, benefit managers are moving into high gear as they prepare to answer employee questions and concerns about their 2015 benefits.
June 20, 2014

Help Employees Watch for Hidden Medical Fees

As more and more Americans face high deductible health plans (HDHPs) and increased up-front out-of-pocket costs, it is more important than ever to closely monitor medical bills for errors
June 16, 2014

HDHP Use Doubles for Nonprofits

For many nonprofits, just having traditional medical coverage is so 2009. Consumer-driven plans, like HDHPs, are the new rage. Read full article...
December 3, 2013

2013 rise in employer health costs lowest in years

Employers, it appears, worked hard to hold down health plan cost increases this year. But don’t count on another new low in 2014.
October 15, 2013

56% of employers offer CDHP, 44% may make it the only choice: Aon Hewitt

Once a rarity, consumer-driven health care plans have become a mainstream design among large employers.