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In the healthcare landscape of today, HR departments are labored with navigating a course of consistent change while continuing to provide quality internal support across your organization. Your HR Department sits at the center of realizing a return on your benefits spending. The responsibility to create educated benefits consumers out of your individual employees falls squarely on the shoulders of those HR experts.

harmonyHR® operates as a strategic partner in an integrated fashion with your existing HR department, providing support and operational efficiency to the areas where they are needed most, allowing your existing experts to focus on their strengths and enable your company to have increased productivity and success within HR. Reduce the stress and focus on success with harmonyHR®.

Management teams of highly successful companies recognize that corporate profitability requires business objectives to be closely linked with people planning activities. As a result, Human Resource (HR) activities continue to command a strategic role in most organizations.

HR Processes and Practices
Review and assistance in developing HR processes and practices
Establish and Facilitate Best Practices
Review / audit of company policies and procedures against best-practice standards
Development of Strategic HR Initiatives
Providing input into HR strategic planning initiatives and attending management and Board of Director meetings
Recruiting analysis
Recruiting strategy analysis and program creation
Hiring Processes
Resume mining, selection and interviewing program
Compensation Programs
Compensation program development
New Employee On-Boarding
New hire and on-boarding processes, including the development of employee handbooks
Policies and Protocols
Development of employment-related documents and record keeping protocol
Labor Relations
Labor relations: terminations, disciplinary actions, intermediary for workplace disputes
Employee Management and Training
Employee and Management Training on various topics including sexual harrassment and effective communication
Performance Management
Performance management tools
Workers Comp
Workers compensation administrations
Compliance Audit
Compliance audits (FMLA, FLSA, IRCA, COBRA, Title VII, ADA, ADEA, EPPA, ERISA, etc.)
Unemployment Claims
Unemployment claims management

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