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Selden Beattie Delivers The 'No Guess-Work Advantage'

Benefits don't have to be complicated. At Selden Beattie, we will work with you from the beginning to discover your goals and deliver a written, multi-year strategic plan that will chart the course and guide all benefits decision making.

This plan will layout what is required to meet your financial objectives in a clearly defined, executable fashion, all the while creating a competitive advantage to position your company to consistently attract and retain top tier talent.

<strong>STEP 1 -</strong></br>DEVELOP

STEP 1 -

<strong>STEP 2 -</strong></br>DEFINE

STEP 2 -

<strong>STEP 3 -</strong></br>CLARIFY

STEP 3 -

<strong>STEP 4 -</strong></br>FORECAST

STEP 4 -

<strong>STEP 5 -</strong></br>FORMULATE

STEP 5 -

<strong>STEP 6 -</strong></br>COMMUNICATE

STEP 6 -

1Develop a thorough understanding of your organization and strategic goals
2Help you to define (or refine) your benefits philosophy
3Set clear expectations
4Audit current strategies and forecast future healthcare costs
5Discuss and formulate contingency plans
6Create a project plan and timeline to implement all agreed upon initiatives
  • Review and benchmark current health & welfare plan

  • Review and benchmark employee contribution strategies

  • Assess claims data and historical plan performance

  • Wellness program design, implementation & monitoring

  • Develop customized plan design to deliver optimum solutions and pricing

  • Market program and negotiate with carriers

  • Design, develop and implement an employee education and communication strategy

  • Deliver online technology for enrollment, administration and HR resources

  • Provide benefit summaries

  • Monitor ongoing plan performance

  • Provide executive and employee level customer service

  • Project manage and track activities against critical strategic plan goals

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