Always Changing the Expected!

At Selden Beattie, we believe in ethical, positive, high energy, supportive team members. We believe that each individual on our team has a valuable purpose in fulfilling our commitment to our clients. Selden Beattie wants to help you flourish as a professional, explore your passions and provide you an opportunity to grow and innovate in a supportive, encouraging environment. We are a company with a vision, both materially and strategically, and can offer you an environment to chart your own course to success. It is an invigorating experience to work for a company that knows not only how to do what they do with true excellence, but more importantly knows the why they do it.

Change the expected.

Enjoy what you do and enjoy the team you do it with at Selden Beattie. Our team offers a unique viewpoint of all sides of the healthcare circle and are a proven partner for navigating the complexities of healthcare today. Using focused objectives, meaningful impacts, and measurable results, we work together to empower the strategic vision of our clients.

Our offices provide a fun, lively, high energy atmosphere. Some of our favorite moments as a team are the champagne toasts we have after winning a new client!

If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, check out the available positions listed below and apply.

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Open Positions at Selden Beattie

Senior Account Executive
We aren’t waiting for the ordinary; we are recruiting for the extraordinary. We are seeking a Senior Account Executive that is not only comfortable taking ownership in a position, but desires an environment that encourages it. Responsibilities include the overall management of the firm's key accounts, reporting to the Chief Client Officer.

We want you to be a part of a team of advisors and strategists that are changing the conversation in the employee benefits vertical. From the front line of the sales team to the account managers and coordinators, the Selden Beattie team is viewed by prospective clients as trusted advisors and experts in their field. Everyday our team comes to work as an integrated team to have a positive, meaningful impact on the sophisticated clients we serve.

Selden Beattie has built an outstanding reputation in the industry where we work with exclusive top-notch clients. We are a top-choice employee benefits and human resource specialists, focused on providing solutions that manages health plan costs, minimizes compliance risk and optimizes value perception of employee benefit programs for local mid and large size employers. Selden Beattie invests in our staff financially and educationally, so that they can be equipped to fully invest in our clients. We offer a modern office with a cutting edge, effective approach to the business. The right candidate would gain access to unique benefits, flexibility while meeting deadlines and income opportunities you simply cannot replicate anywhere else....

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