A Different Conversation

Selden Beattie empowers businesses through measurable and meaningful impact

Dedicated to Your Vision. Committed to Your People.

At Selden Beattie, we believe that the relationship matters.

Having 'grown up' in health care, we are able to offer a unique viewpoint of all sides of the healthcare circle and are a proven partner for navigating the complexities of healthcare today.

We work to empower the strategic vision of our clients through focused objectives, meaningful impacts and measurable results.

We Know The Right Questions

A solution to a specific problem cannot be gained unless the right questions are asked. It can take a tremendous amount of skill and expertise to develop just the right pattern of questions to get to the true need or true problem. However, discovering those answers is an invaluable process.

Selden Beattie isn't going to ask to be your broker. We are looking to be your partner. Even though we may bring lower rates to the table, we aren't going to lead the conversation with rates that slightly edge out our competition, because your organization is more than just a rate and more than just a 'flip the switch' product.

Your organization is an organism that is going to grow and evolve year over year. It is our job to discover the organization's DNA and create a strategy that keeps you in line with your vision AND your budget today, tomorrow and well into the future while providing the very best for your most valuable company asset, your people.

We are so confident in our difference that we will take you through this entire discovery experience and provide you a strategy without asking for any type of commitment from you. The outcome of the experience is yours to keep! We are simply dedicated to sharing our knowledge, expertise and relationship. Our hope is that you will be interested in continuing that level of dedication well into the future.

As a privately held insurance brokerage, we have assembled a powerful team of subject matter experts dedicated to delivering superior attention to detail and unflinching commitment to excellence. As your partner, we are fully invested in your success; guiding you to maximize financial performance and effectively manage risk. Serving a wide range of industry sectors, we understand the deep impact that employee benefits has for a company. From acquisition to retention to productivity to dedication, your strategic choice in an Employee Benefits partner impacts not only your bottom line, but creates an opportunity to provide an unsurpassed human experience for your employees to recognize your investment in them.